Measurement-driven personalized digital interventions


Personalized behavioral treatments

CUE is revolutionizing digital interventions by using cutting edge sensing and machine learning techniques to deliver personalized behavioral treatments that are tailored to each patient.


Objective sensor measurements characterize individual behavior on the go


Machine learning algorithms individually assess each patient’s behavioral health



Personalized recommendation engine delivers just in time validated interventions


Digitally enhance any treatment

The Cue platform harnesses continuous awareness of a patient’s state, current context, and behavioral trends to provide timely, continuous, & person-specific treatment.

Objective measurement

Sensor and self-reported assessments fuel machine learning algorithms

Personlized Learning

Learning content is driven based on patient need and interest


Micro interventions

Behavioral nudges make positive change achievable

Engaging feedback

Regular personalized insights engage patients in their recovery


How Cue can help

The Cue platform is highly flexible and can be customized to customer needs.

Reduce symptoms and maintain symptom remission


Pair with medication to digitally enhance outcomes 


Partner to distribute and develop novel digital therapeutics

What health indications is Cue targeted to help? 

The Cue platform can be used to create custom behavioral health programs. Our rhythm focus makes Cue ideal for targeting multiple psychiatric disorders including the following:
Mood Disorders
Major Depression
Postpartum Depression
Perimenopausal Depression
Treatment Resistant Depression
Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Other Psychiatric Disorders
Autism spectrum disorder
Sleep Disorders
Insomnia related to alcohol withdrawal
Other conditions where sleep disruptions play a role

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