HealthRhythms’ Commitment to your Privacy

Our commitment to protecting your privacy comes from a deep awareness of the sensitivity of information regarding one’s mental wellbeing. Our business model is very simple, we aim to help you maximize your mental wellbeing. We don’t “monetize” your information. We don’t breach your privacy or try to find out where you live.

That’s why we only collect the minimum personal information we need to do the best job for you. We have pioneered privacy-protective algorithms that destroy personally identifiable data before it leaves your device and only transfer non-identifiable summaries of your activities. In this way, we can protect your privacy while helping you manage your health.

Our software is designed from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. We protect your information with strong encryption and apply the very best security practices to achieve this.

We aim to make it clear to you up front what we collect and why we collect it so you can decide if you want to share your data in the first place. If you ever change your mind, we want it to be easy for you to stop sharing data immediately. Please get in touch if there is anything you want to know that is not answered in our Privacy Policy below.

HealthRhythms Privacy Policy

By using the Measure app (the “App”), future products, services or features we develop and introduce, or our website (together the “Services”), you consent to the collection, processing and disclosure of data concerning you in accordance with this privacy policy.

Closed Beta & Prior Consent

At the moment, the App is not open for use by the general public. It is not possible to use the App without a special access code from one of our partner institutions. After you install the App, you need to input the code prior to accessing any features.

Our partner institutions are required to fully disclose why they are asking you to use the App, how to use it, what data we collect, and what we do with the data (“Disclosure”) before giving you the access code. If you are being asked to use the App as part of a clinical trial, research project, or other health-related human subject research or diagnosis, the partner institution’s Disclosure should have disclosed to you in detail the (a) nature, purpose, and duration of the research; (b) procedures, risks, and benefits to the participant; (c) information about confidentiality and handling of data (including any sharing with third parties); (d) a point of contact for participant questions; and (e) the withdrawal process. The institution is required to obtain your signature on the Disclosure prior to giving you the access code.

If you are a minor (under the age of 18), the institution is required to obtain authorization on your behalf from your parent or legal guardian for the Disclosure.

Any information we collect or information you provide through the App will be disclosed only to us and to third parties to whom you have previously authorized the disclosure of such information. No information will be collected or shared without your prior informed consent.

Data collection and processing

No data will be collected without your in-App permission. When obtaining your permission in-App, we will always explain what data is being collected, with whom it is shared, how it is stored and what it is used for.

Only the anonymized output of analyses that measure amount, frequency and/or sentiment of the data is stored, not the content itself.

The App collects data from your phone to provide you, healthcare providers and research institutions with an easy way to track your wellbeing. When you use the App, we collect the following non-personally identifiable information:

  • Location. Our system collects location data from sources such as GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers once you install the App and consent to the App’s tracking your location. You may choose to stop our collection of location data through the Settings in the App, or by removing the App from your phone. We obfuscate the location data, so while someone looking at the data can see the time, frequency, duration and distance of your travels, but not where you live or places you have been.
  • Activity. The App tracks your physical activity such as your movement and sleep/wake using the sensors built into your smartphone (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer). Similar to location data, you may stop our collection of this data at any time through the in-App Settings.
  • Smartphone Use. With your permission, the App collects when your smartphone screen is on or off, locked or unlocked, to estimate your sleep schedule and duration. Although this feature can be turned off only on Android at present, it will not capture which apps you use or the content on your screen.
  • Social Data. Some versions of the App may monitor your phone’s microphone to detect whether human voice is present. No audio files are ever saved on the device or transmitted to our servers. Brief pieces of audio data are stored temporarily in memory and analyzed for the presence of human voice. These temporary audio files are deleted immediately after the voice analysis. The resulting data indicates simply whether there was voice present at a particular time. Similar to Location data, you may stop our collection of this data at any time through the in-App Settings.
  • Information from your device. This includes information about your operating system, carrier, language, battery performance, Wi-Fi or other network connections, or other data that you permit the App to access on your device, including through permissions on your device. We do NOT collect information unique to you like your device identifier.
  • Information you provide. If you choose to answer self-report questions presented by the App, you may thereby provide information about your mood, gender, height, weight, and birth year, etc. None of these details will include personally identifiable information. We do NOT collect your name, email address, date of birth, social security number or any similar personal information that could identify you.

How we use your information

Your information is primarily used to help you track your wellbeing. Data collected from your phone is securely sent to our servers to identify and analyze your behavioral patterns. The data is stored on our servers and transmitted back to your phone over a secured connection for you to view and interact with it.

We may also share your data with partner institutions that gave you the special access code to use our App, and with whom you have authorized the disclosure of such data prior to receiving the access code. This is explained above in the “Closed Beta & Prior Consent” section.

No information will be collected or shared with any party without your prior informed consent. We will not sell or share any data we collect through the App with any marketer, business, government entity, health or research institution, or any other party without your prior express permission.

We may use your data to develop aggregated analyses and reports that help us improve our algorithms, measure and understand how our Services are used, and to develop new products, services and features. Aggregated data is anonymous.

We will not store any of your personal health information in iCloud.

The security of our systems

We use third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to provide the service. These may be located at destinations around the world. By submitting your personally identifying information, you agree to this. We use commercially reasonable physical and technical safeguards to secure your data. We encrypt the communication channels using SSL. We use state-of-the-art privacy protective algorithms to ensure that we minimize the amount of personal information we collect and maximize the security of this data. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your data, which may be compromised by unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors.


Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to alter our privacy policy at any time. We will notify you of any alterations within a reasonable time and through reasonable means, such as by posting it on our website, by email, or otherwise. If you do not agree to the altered privacy policy, you may stop using our Services. Last updated and effective as of March 20th, 2018.