The world's most advanced mental health intelligence platform

There is no health without mental health. Yet measuring mental health is a challenge. Patient self-reports are subjective and sporadic, making it difficult to know what is happening between visits. We have created the most advanced mental health platform to revolutionize care provision. Our Behavioral Health Intelligence platform delivers a reliable, rational, real-time and real-world mental health care model.

What if tracking mental health could be as easy as counting steps?

Thanks to Health Rhythms, it is. Built on 45 years of clinical research, our Behavioral Health Intelligence platform translates daily activity into sophisticated evidence-based insights that can predict bad outcomes, enabling preventative action to be taken.

Health Rhythms Platform

Patients only need a smartphone. Our platform is easily embedded in existing apps and electronic health record systems. With Behavioral Health Intelligence, you can identify, manage, and characterize mental health across a broad range of patient populations.

Passive, effortless

Based on decades of research and cutting-edge tech

Predictive analytics dectect clinically-significant events

Works on any smartphone

Medical grade encryption ensures privacy

Enables truly personalized treatment of mental health disorders

Meet the experts revolutionizing
mental health care

Pioneered by a team of successful start-up founders and internationally-recognized leaders in technology, business, and medicine, Health Rhythms is redesigning the future of mental health care. We want the best for our fellow humans, and are united in ourmission to bring mental health care into the modern era of medicine and alleviate unnecessary suffering.

We are science pioneers...

Health Rhythms’ founders have a combined total of over 1,500 peer reviewed scientific papers in the fields of behavioral sensing and circadian health.

and sophisticated machine learning innovators...

Get real-world information on treatment onset, duration, and patient response dynamics during the study

Working together in world-class clinical and technical teams

Our renowned experts in clinical research and care collaborate with the best machine learning and data science specialists.

“A start-up with a powerhouse team and pedigree is looking to combine Big Data, machine learning and a new treatment method to change how clinicians and health insurers manage patients with mental health issues.”

— Medcity News

What we hold dear

Our values shape how we think and how we behave. They are fundamental to HealthRhythms’ culture and how we work together.

  • We believe that mental health care is a human right.
  • We believe that mental health is vital for overall health.
  • We support people in becoming more active, socially engaged and, above all, healthier.
  • We put privacy first. Our privacy-protective algorithms ensure only clinically relevant information is recorded.
  • We employ technology for human good. Our platform uses machine learning to create personalized interventions.  
  • We are trusted. We use empirically-validated approaches to measuring and improving mental health. Our work is based on decades of empirical research and clinical evidence, making us the most trustworthy partner for pharma, life sciences, and health care providers.


Paul M Gilbert, MBA

Paul M Gilbert, MBA

Former CEO & Co-founder MedAvante, global behavioral measurement org. 98% Glassdoor CEO rating. E&Y Entrepreneur ofYear, 2012. Stanford DCI Fellow, 2018-2019. Harvard Business School alumnus.
Ellen Frank, PhD

Ellen Frank, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Treatment Development Pioneer. Conducted and published 30+ clinical trials. Lifetime Achievement Award, American Society forClinical Psychopharmacology. Member, National Academy of Medicine.
David J. Kupfer, MD

David J. Kupfer, MD

Co-Founder and Senior Clinical Advisor
Chaired #1 ranked research department of psychiatry for 26 years. Chaired American Psychiatric Association Task Force on diagnostic nomenclature (DSM-5). Member, National Academy of Medicine.
Peter Sorantin, PhD

Peter Sorantin, PhD

Chief Commercial Officer
25 years pharma experience. Former Sr. Vice President of Business Development, MedAvante. Quantum Chemistry PhD.
Mark Matthews, PhD

Mark Matthews, PhD

Co-Founder, CTO
World expert in digital mental health. Extensive track-record developing and validating novel patient-centred tech. Co-Founder, SilverCloud Health on-demand virtual mental platform.
Tanzeem Choudhury, PhD

Tanzeem Choudhury, PhD

Internationally-renowned behavioral sensing pioneer. Top 35 Innovators Under 35 (MIT Tech). MIT Media Lab. Endowed Professor of Integrated Health and Technology, Cornell Tech.
Bhairavi Parikh, PhD

Bhairavi Parikh, PhD

Chief Operating Officer
A highly innovative entrepreneurial scientist and leader who has founded and built VC-backed medical technology companies and taken FDA cleared products to market. Experienced in business and product strategy spanning traditional medical technology, digital technology, and human services. Collectively raised over $75 mil to pursue breakthroughs in asthma monitoring and pregnancy testing.
Nathan Larson

Nathan Larson

Vice President of Product
Nate has served as the founding member and Chief Experience Officer of multiple digital health start-ups. He has over a decade of experience designing and implementing user-centered health care solutions for large integrated health systems, UnitedHealth Group, Optum, and remote medical sensing companies in the US and EU.


Brook Byers

Senior Advisor
Venture capital investor since 1972. Founding member of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Closely involved with 60+ new technology-based ventures; many became public companies.

Roger Shedlin, MD

President and CEO, Medical Benefit Management group, Optum. President and CEO, WINFertility. Serial entrepreneur and leader of health service companies.

John Kane, MD

Senior VP Behavioral Health Services, Northwell Health. Former Chair, Psychopharmacological Drugs Advisory Committee,US FDA. Awards include the Lieber Prize and the Heinz E. Lehmann Research Award.

Robert Epstein, MD, MS

Physician epidemiologist. CEO, Epstein Health,LLC. Former CMO and Chief R&D Officer, Medco. Former VP, Outcomes Research,Merck. Member of board of directors of Illumina, Fate Therapeutics, Inc, and Veracyte.

Everett Crosland

A key thought leader with over 20 years in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, spearheading launches and market access at companies like Pear Therapeutics, AppliedVR, and Clara Care.