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Behavioral health is the only field of medicine lacking objective measurement. Until now.

Fifty million adults are experiencing a mental illness, and 28% of adults with a mental illness report they cannot receive necessary care. Health Rhythms uses the world's most advanced mental health intelligence platform to revolutionize care provision. Our Behavioral Vital Sign provides comprehensive real-world real-time insights, facilitating rational and comprehensive decision-making, and alleviating unnecessary suffering.

Objective Measurement

Advanced measurement

Digital data capture runs continuously, 24/7, with real insight into the real world.

360-degree precision psychiatry

Providers see significant reductions in direct and indirect costs.

Next-generation trial insights and design

Predict risk and assessment treatment response, and understand key drivers.


Patients feel heard, understood, and know what to work on.

Continuous, objective assessment combined with AI are revolutionizing behavioral health

Behavioral Vital Signs unlocks proactive, personalized care

Configured to your practice needs, Behavioral Vital Signs™ technology uses smartphone sensors to automatically detect information about human patterns of behavior. Biomarkers derived by machine learning capture data on: Activity; Sleep; Social Engagement; and Locomotion. When patients are onboarded, they simply download the Health Rhythms app to their smartphone, and go about life as usual.

The Health Rhythms Process


Precision platform can predict deterioration in mental health up to a week in advance.

Appropriate intervention

We intervene on adherence to visits and medications through a digital and human approach.


Urgent, on-demand, and scheduled summaries and data integrated via dashboards and EHR connections.

Scientific and

Technology is built on 45 years of clinical research, backed by 900+ publications.


Reap the rewards of health economic benefit and quality metrics

Optimal care and quality outcomes. All while saving valuable time and money

Supports reduce your workload,so you can maximize patient visits as follows:

Before: Access objective longitudinal data in advance.
During: Time is better spent caring for the patient and focusing on the issues at hand.
After: We provide visit and medication adherence support. Visits are scheduled based on need, and patients triaged based on severity.

In-depth management supports

We provide dedicated practice management and clinic training; ongoing workflow discussion and troubleshooting; data and engagement review.

Comprehensive patient supports

We provide multi-channel patient activation and onboarding; troubleshooting for any issue; retention strategies.

Vital risk-monitoring supports

We provide data monitoring and notification of increased patient risk, and escalation based on defined pathways.

Customized delivery solution perfectly tailored to your needs

HealthRhythms works with providers to design and implement a project plan to perfectly suit your needs. Typically, solution delivery runs in defined blocks: Integrations/Data, Workflow Development, Configuration, Testing, and Training/Launch activities.

Major partners across healthcare and pharma are already saving time and money and improving patient outcomes with HealthRhythms. Contact us today, and get Behavioral Health Intelligence working for you. And your patients.

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