New Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report Shows Mental Health Status Over Time

New Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report Shows Mental Health Status Over Time

Everybody seeks to understand themselves and feel understood. Our new feature bridges the gap between all the data you’re measuring and what you can actually do with it.

Introducing your Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report in the Health Rhythms app: A feature designed to change how you approach your care, especially as you navigate the complexities of depression.

In the Health Rhythms app, you do two things to create an accurate picture of your mental health: you complete surveys and use your phone’s sensors to factor in other measurements like out-of-bed time, walking rate, and social mobility. Combined, these make up your Behavioral Vital Signs™

Now is your opportunity to learn about this data through trends and insights you can only see in your personalized Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report. 

Understand Your Mental Health with Personalized Data

There are a lot of apps out there to track your mental health. They generate generic tips like “eat better” or “go for a walk.” While those things do help your mental health, they’re not personalized to you.

Maybe you go for daily walks but you’re still depressed. Maybe you eat well-balanced meals but still struggle to feel like yourself.

With Behavioral Vital Signs™ Reports, you’ll see your historical data with a clear, personalized snapshot of your mental health each month. These reports map out your unique experiences, showing you where you've been and where you're heading. No two reports are the same because no two people experience depression the same way.

Gain Insight and Self-Awareness

If you feel disconnected from the world around you or feel empty inside, it can be hard to notice the subtle changes in your mental health. Forget the big picture when you're in the midst of daily struggles. Your Health Rhythms app is uniquely set up to measure your day-to-day with minimal effort.

Seeing your mental health data laid out clearly each month will empower you. We’ll help you spot trends, understand fluctuations, and see how your feelings and symptoms change over time. This awareness is a powerful step toward managing your depression actively and effectively.

Reduce Anxiety and Feel in Control

Depression can feel very isolating. Some days you feel a little bit better and some days are darker than the rest. Knowing more about your mental health can ease some of the worries you might feel about the unknowns.

You get a clearer picture with your report which can help reduce anxiety and give you a greater sense of control over your journey. Understanding your progress and challenges helps you plan better for the days ahead.

Celebrate Your Progress and Stay Motivated

Every bit of progress deserves recognition, no matter how small it might seem. Your Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report highlights your achievements and improvements, giving you reasons to celebrate and stay motivated. These victories, big and small, can boost your spirits and encourage you to keep pushing forward.

Enhance Conversations with Your Healthcare Team and Loved Ones

You don’t have to struggle in silence. These reports aren't just for you—they're also for the people supporting you. Use the sharing feature within the app to send them to your support team. They provide a solid basis for discussions with your mental health care providers, making your sessions more focused and productive. If you choose, you can also share your report with loved ones, helping them understand your journey and how they can support you.

"Behavior is not only the best indicator of mental health but also the best and lasting way to improve your mental health." - Mark Matthews, CTO, Co-Founder

Reading Your Report

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what you can expect from your Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report.

Your Information

Here’s where you’ll see your personal information along with your provider’s name (if applicable). Keeping this information in one place makes it easier to share with another provider who might be part of your care team.

Behavioral Vital Signs™ Trends 

As long as your phone sensors are turned on, you’ll see trends for each of the following measurements:

💤 Sleep duration

🛏️ Out-of-bed time

👥 Social mobility

🚶‍♀️‍➡️ Walking rate

Did you know these measurements are clinically significant when measuring your mental health? Just like a blood glucose monitor can measure your blood sugar, the Behavioral Vital Signs™ measure your mental health.  

Each month, we’ll help you understand the insight into each category and how they impact your mental health. For example, if your social mobility has significantly decreased, that could be associated with higher depression symptoms.

Recent Survey Scores

Every time you complete a survey within the app, your score contributes to your overall mental health measurement. Here’s where you’ll see your most recent survey scores. Your experience is personalized, so you may have different survey types than another person. 

Changes Over Time

Your survey scores are mapped out from the previous month so you can see changes over time. You’ll also see insights compared to your monthly average and how the score has changed since your last survey. 

This historical data is so important for tracking small wins. Depression can cloud your sense of time and cast a dark cloud over your memory. Sometimes, seeing how often you’ve been in the green on the chart can give you a sense of optimism and progress. On the other hand, several reports in the red can serve as an objective talking point between you and your provider about next steps to take in your treatment plan. 

Survey Details

Here you’ll see additional context related to your surveys and scores such as changes since your last survey, comparisons to your monthly average, and more.

Navigating care can be challenging and it takes a lot of work. Your Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report is designed to be part of your supported access to personalized care. Use the Health Rhythms app to measure your mental health. We’ll help you understand the trends and insights so you can work with your care team to get back to the life you enjoy. 

Next up, check your sensors to make sure your report is accurate.