How to Check Your Sensors for Continuous Measurement

How to Check Your Sensors for Continuous Measurement

Why are the sensors important?

With the Health Rhythms app, you finally have an objective measurement of your mental health. This accurate picture is only possible if you’ve given full access to your phone’s sensors! These sensors, as part of the app's function, collect data like sleep, physical activity, and social engagement. 

Before, you could only report your mental health status to your care provider at each appointment, usually measured through a survey. You had to think back to your highs and lows and accurately report how you were feeling. For many of us, this is not only difficult but creates an inaccurate picture of mental health. What if you were feeling particularly “up” on your appointment day? That may not be a reflection of your overall mental health.

Now, with these sensors, your mental health can be passively measured just like your steps on a fitness watch. You and your provider will have a clearer understanding of your mental health over time. 

Step-by-Step Sensor Check

1. Open the App: Start by launching the Health Rhythms app on your phone. 

2. Navigate to 'My Account': At the bottom of the main screen, tap on the 'My account' option to access your settings.

3. Sensor Permissions: Within the account settings, locate the 'Sensor Permissions' section. This is where you can check the status of various permissions required by the app to function correctly.

4. Review Sensor Status: The app should display a list of sensors along with their status - 'Motion & Fitness,' 'Location,' 'Health app,' and 'Notifications.' A checkmark indicates the sensor is active and functioning, while any sensor with a warning sign needs attention.

5. Fix Any Issues: If a sensor needs fixing, tap on it for detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue. Typically, you'll be guided to go to your phone's settings to allow permissions for Health Rhythms.

6. Follow On-Screen Instructions: For sensors that need fixing, our app provides an easy-to-follow guide. For instance, if the 'Motion & Fitness' sensor isn't working, the app will direct you to tap on settings, select 'Health Rhythms' under the apps list, and toggle 'Motion & Fitness' on.

Why should I keep my sensors on?

Your smartphone sensors measure and interpret your activity levels, sociability, and sleep patterns. These sensors aren’t just a random collection of measurements. They’re backed by decades of clinical research and randomized controlled trials to prove their significance for painting a clear picture of mental health.

Your smartphone sensor data and your responses to clinically validated surveys like the PHQ-9 are analyzed using AI and are interpreted into a depression severity score or Behavioral Vital Signs™. This is essential for:

Improved care

Continuous monitoring allows for timely interventions from your care provider. Imagine if your provider could be alerted if your Behavioral Vital Signs™ score moved to an urgent level. They could reach out to schedule an appointment or adjust your care as needed, right when you needed it.

The opposite may be true! What if you show a consistent level of improvement and you and your provider use this insight to adjust your medication or reduce your appointment frequency? The important thing is that your outcomes are improved. An objective measurement tool can help bring these findings to your care plan. 

Feel “seen” by your provider

Engaging with the app and making sure your sensors are active can help you feel “seen” by your provider. For example, knowing that you’ll arrive at your appointment with the same knowledge and awareness about your mental health patterns as your provider can create a more proactive feeling about your care. You and your provider can adjust your care plan based on critical, objective data.

Data-driven insights

The data collected generates insights, which can help you better understand and manage your mental health. We’ll soon be releasing the Behavioral Vital Signs™ Report, a feature that will show you 30 days of data and trends–a clear, objective picture of your mental health.     

Safeguarding Your Privacy

When it comes to managing your mental health with technology, we understand that data privacy isn’t just a feature—it’s a right. Health Rhythms is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy. Here’s how we protect the sensitive information you share through the app:

Encrypted Data Transmission: All data sent to and from your device is encrypted using advanced encryption protocols. Just as online banking secures your financial information, we guard your health data against unauthorized access.

Anonymized Insights: The insights generated by Health Rhythms are anonymized. This means that personal identifiers are removed from your data, ensuring that your privacy is maintained when data is used for health analytics and improvement of the app’s features.

Compliant with Regulations: Health Rhythms rigorously adheres to HIPAA guidelines, alongside other privacy regulations, to ensure that your data is handled with the care and confidentiality it demands.

Consent First: Your data is yours, and you have full control. The app will always seek your explicit consent before using any data for purposes beyond the app’s core functionality, such as research or to inform you about new features.

Regular Audits and Updates: We continuously monitor our systems and conduct regular security audits to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities. Our proactive approach means we’re constantly working to reinforce your data's safety.

Transparency: You have the right to know what data is collected, how it’s used, and whom it’s shared with. Health Rhythms maintains a transparent policy, detailing all aspects of data handling, accessible within the app through the ‘Privacy Policy’ section.

Control at Your Fingertips: At any point, you can access your data, make changes, or if you choose, deactivate your account, which will remove your data from our active systems.

We believe that data security is not just about meeting standards, but exceeding them to provide peace of mind. With Health Rhythms, you can focus on your mental health, knowing that your personal data is secure, respected, and protected.